To The Bitter Men Hating on Ciara For Getting Engaged: Get OVER...

To The Bitter Men Hating on Ciara For Getting Engaged: Get OVER IT! Single Moms: Hang In There!

This is so powerful! Pop singer Ciara has been around the entertainment industry for over 10 years. If you remember, her debut was the catchy “Goodies” single in 2004, if you were a part of the club scene back then you definitely shook your tail to that one!


Like most celebrities, her love life hasn’t exactly been a secret, though she has been relatively low-key compared to others. And just like most women, her taste and standards have evolved as she has grown… but what some people are saying about her now is infuriating, and an insult to single moms everywhere!

Pop culture blogger Demetria Lucas D’Oyley hit the nail on the head with everything she said in her recent article:

Her most recent ex is Nayvadius “Future” Cash, her former fiance and the father of her son, also Future. 

Her current beau and new fiance is Russell Wilson, an NFL quarterback who took her to the White House on an early date, occasionally pushes her son’s stroller and seems genuinely happy, based on pictures, to have Ciara and her son in his life.

By all accounts, he’s an upgrade, which isn’t all that hard when your ex is the type of guy who publicly calls you “a bitch.”

From what I can make of the negative memes and the butthurt-status updates about her, there are people—mostly men—who believe that because Ciara has previously been linked to rappers, and her child is by one, she’s of a lower status among women.


For these men, who evidently never got “the girl,” Ciara is the embodiment of the type of woman who ignores “good men” (like them, of course), the one who makes poor life choices, then looks for the type of man she ignored to come clean up her mess. She’s the “disrespectful ho”—a  slur assigned based, I think, on the fact that she’s dated several rappers, is a single mom and dating a man who seems to treat her child like his own (as any man who dates a single mother is supposed to)—that a naive Wilson is mistakenly trying to turn into a housewife. Never mind that Wilson, 27, who got divorced after a two-year marriage, can’t be that naive about relationships.

There seems to be a popular—though completely b.s.—notion that dictates that single mothers should be single for eternity;  that because they had a child out of wedlock, they are unworthy of love from anyone of substance and should be doomed to a life of dating flaky men who will never marry them or even claim them.

She became a mom with a man she planned to marry. It didn’t work out. She moves on, even made a song about it. And as she sang she would, she found a man who seems to adore her and treats her kid well. Isn’t that what a responsible, dating mother is supposed to do? Or was she not supposed to date at all because “good” mothers don’t date? Was she supposed to have a man in her life who didn’t treat her and her child well? Oh. I got it. She was supposed to stay tethered to a dysfunctional man to keep her family intact.   

What I see about these guys is a bunch of bitterness… unfortunately we live in a culture where men just aren’t men. They are a bunch of egotistical crybabies that wouldn’t know what it means to “man up” if it hit them in the cajones.

Having been a single mom for 15 years, I have made some poor choices…and in all transparency, it was when I realized it was time to raise my standards, the options got WAY SMALLER…

I am genuinely happy for Ciara and Russell. Hers is a true Cinderella story, as she discovered what it meant to be a Queen and took hold of her crown, she found her King. To all the single moms out there, you are NOT damaged goods! Your king is out there, don’t settle for these immature fools who have no idea what it means to be a real man.

Ciara, we wish you and your man all the best! Thank you for being an example to all the women out there! And to the rest of you haters…Get over it!


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