Words can’t express my confusion…

Words can’t express my confusion…

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Commuters assumed they would have an average ride on the train like any other day, but not this time…

Either for attention or to make a statement this man dressed for a day at the beach and maybe a fancy event later, judging by his shoes. I feel like he is just asking to get jumped. This is taking flamboyantly gay to the next level for sure!

Stomper IZ shared a video of a man dressed in a colorful crop top, black thongs and knee-high gladiator sandals.

Said the Stomper: “This is unbelievable!”

Some commuters couldn’t help staring, while others seemed to be completely oblivious or were just focused on averting their eyes from the “fashionable” guy.

This guy looks like he needs a cheeseburger! I don’t know about anyone else but this makes my eyes hurt. There is nothing wrong with being gay but I see no point in showing it off like a talent show. If a woman were to wear something like this she would get called a slut, or even get booted off the train. But, this guy is probably getting congratulated for his “bravery”.


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