These Women Prove What Feminism Really Means- Showing Some Balls!

These Women Prove What Feminism Really Means- Showing Some Balls!

The feminism movement seems to be everywhere today more than ever, but is it being showed in all the wrong ways? Celebrities have a huge influence on the general public, more than they probably realize. It’s so refreshing to see that these women are showing that feminism is more than just fighting for the right to flash your breasts whenever and wherever you want.


Several weeks ago, Kim Kardashian and Emily Ratajkowski tweeted a nude selfie of themselves in a ladies’ restroom flipping the bird.
It was, according to them, a shining expression of liberating, female sexual freedom.
Hmmm. To me, it looked like a couple of fame-hungry women deliberately flaunting their naked flesh to make money.
No problem with that, but please don’t pretend it has anything to do with fighting the cause of gender equality.

‘RIP Feminism’, I tweeted, posting the image next to a picture of famous British suffragette leader Emmeline Pankhurst.
This ignited a firestorm of indignation from women across the globe.
How dare I say feminism’s dead?
What right have I got to even question their motives for getting their kit off?
Who the hell did I think I was even talking about this subject as a MAN?
And those were the responses I can repeat…
This week, Kim and Emily were both keen to publicly reaffirm their positions on this matter.
Ms Kardashian, accepting an award at the Webbys, said five words: ‘Nude selfies until I die!’
What a magnificently empowering statement to rally the female gender!
Right up with there with Pankhurst’s ‘I demand the right to vote!’ a hundred years ago.
Or perhaps not.
The thought of Kim’s gazillion young female followers on Twitter and Instagram rushing straight to their cellphones to bombard cyberspace with nude pictures of themselves in honour of their role model heroine should leave real feminists horrified.



How does it promote female equality to so lamely, publicly titillate men and make them view women purely as objects of sexual desire? Or to encourage women to think that is the only way they can achieve success?
Ms Ratajkowski, in a sublime moment of chronic self-awareness failure, branded me an ‘attention-seeker’ in a new interview published today.
This from a young lady for whom the words ‘shall I keep any clothes on today?’ never seems to enter her thought process.
‘Every woman,’ she declared, ‘whether they’re comfortable with the term feminist, probably wants to be equal to men and that fundamentally is what feminism is about.’
Well, yes, Emily, it is.
So why do you feel the need to hijack the meaning of the word to justify flashing your breasts and middle finger to millions of complete strangers?
Men don’t do that, and if they do anything similar – as Justin Bieber and Usher both did recently – they get roundly and rightly ridiculed for it.



When Madonna bared her backside at the Met Ball, and made some absurd statement about how it was a ‘political statement’ fighting for the right to gender equality, everyone fell about laughing.
It was, of course, the complete opposite.
Madonna was simply fighting for her right to continue dressing like a cheap hooker in public because that’s the brand she’s perpetuated for 40 years and at 57, is embarrassingly desperate to preserve.
There’s nothing ‘empowering’ about it, nor does it do anything to promote feminism. It just makes her look ridiculous.
Similarly, when I lambasted Susan Sarandon for exposing her bra to present an award at the SAG Awards, it wasn’t what she was wearing that I found offensive.
It was the fact she chose to wear it after being asked to present the In Memoriam section of the event. Her fashion choice wasn’t ‘sexually liberating’, it was disrespectful and inappropriate.
Yet just when I truly feared that modern female stars were uniting to condemn real feminism, of the Emmeline not Emily variety, to the dustbin of history, salavation and hope came in the form of two world class actresses in every sense of the word ‘class’.



First, Julia Roberts, making her first ever trip to the Cannes Film Festival, decided to walk the red carpet barefoot.
Well, because the stuffy old male-dominated fools who run the Festival had decreed last year that women had to wear high heels on the carpet – a perfect and pathetic illustration of sexist claptrap.
Nobody likes high heels more than me, but a woman should never be compelled to wear them. They do not determine glamour nor beauty.
I’ve walked that red carpet many times and nobody’s ever told me nor any other man to wear high heels.
Julia’s small, barely perceptible stand for the right to wear what she liked on her feet rocketed round the world like a fashion exocet missile.
It was feminism at its finest, not least because Julia didn’t even claim she was making some feminist statement. She let her feet do the talking.
This was a smart, beautiful, incredibly talented women saying ‘I want to play by the same rules as the men’ and doing it with style, taste and grace.

Today came another story which I think does even more to ‘empower’ women.
House of Cards star Robin Wright revealed she fought to be paid by Netflix the same as co-star Kevin Spacey when she discovered he was getting a lot more.
‘There are very few films or TV shows where the male, the patriarch, and the matriarch, are equal,’ she explained, ‘and they are in House Of Cards. I was looking at the statistics and Claire Underwood’s character was more popular than (Frank’s) for a period of time. So I capitalized on it. I was like, ‘I want to be paid the same as Kevin or I’m going to go public.” And they did.’
All $5 million worth of contract, in fact.
Yes, yes, YES.
THAT is what feminism is about: unearthing sexual inequality, and correcting the injustice through personal strength, determination and courage.
I simply ask the women of the world to answer one simple question: who makes you feel more empowered or liberated?
Kim, Emily and Madonna flashing their breasts and a**?
Or Julia flashing her feet to make a point about gender inequality and Robin fighting for gender parity on pay?
The answer, I would hope, is obvious.
Feminism, real feminism, is surely better than just shameless public stripping?
It’s about women striving to be treated exactly the same as men and to be paid the same for doing the same job if they do it just as well.
I support that ambition 100%.
I will never support the Kim, Emily and Madonnas of this world abusing the word ‘feminism’ to make cash from sex.
There’s another word for that.

Yay for classy women!


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