Watch As This Down Syndrome Teens Opens Her College Acceptance Letter!

Watch As This Down Syndrome Teens Opens Her College Acceptance Letter!

This is probably the sweetest video I’ve seen in a while. It shows the moment that this teen girl with down syndrome from Indiana opens her acceptance letter to college. Get your tissues ready!


A video of an Indiana teen with Down syndrome opening her college acceptance letter is warming the hearts of thousands across the country after it went viral on Facebook.
Mickey Deputy had no idea what to expect when she first opened the envelope from INSPIRE Franklin College.
‘Dear Miss Michaela Deputy,’ she begins to read. ‘I am pleased to congratulate you on your…’
And before she can even finish the sentence, a wide smile spreads across Mickey’s face as she screams in excitement.





‘On your what!’ her mom, Jennifer Deputy, asks happily from behind the camera.
‘On your acceptance to our program,’ Mickey continues. ‘For the 2016-2017 school year.’
It was the best birthday present for Mickey, who turned 19 just the day before. The teen plans to study music to further her goals to become a dance teacher for children with special needs.
Inspire Franklin’s college program is specifically designed for special education students, providing education in independent living, job training and social skills, according to its website.
The acceptance is just one more incredible achievement for Mickey, who has survived both open-heart surgery and two years of treatment after being diagnosed with leukemia at the age of seven.
‘When she was younger, there were points we weren’t even sure she’d survive,’ her mother Jenny told TODAY.
‘Through heart surgery, cancer and everything, so college honestly wasn’t even on our radar at the time.’
Mickey completed a written application for Franklin’s two-year program, and was also observed at her high school by committee members before giving an interview on campus.



Franklin is only blocks away from Mickey’s home, but her mother hopes it will help her daughter feel more comfortable with the idea of living farther away from her family in a few years.
‘She’s going to get a taste of college life,’ Jenny said. ‘The doors that this is going to open, I can’t even begin to imagine.’
Mickey has already been creating plenty of opportunity for herself, from singing and dancing in her school’s competition choir to competing in local pageants on her quest to become the first Miss America with Down syndrome.
She won Miss Amazing, a pageant for girls with special needs, twice and then competed locally in the Miss America circuit, according to WTHR.
Mickey was awarded the Sagamore of the Wabash, one of the highest civilian honors in the state, by Gov Mike Pence last month.
‘Mickey’s mantra has always been, “I want to make a difference in the world,'” Jenny told the station.
‘And that’s not something we ever said to her. She came up with it on her own.’



So cute!!


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