WATCH how this Police Officer turns into the Hulk right before your...

WATCH how this Police Officer turns into the Hulk right before your eyes!


In this panic-inducing moment, a heroic police officer doesn’t take his own life into consideration, when he hears a man’s desperate plea for help. He ran over to the car bursting into flames and by some miracle saved a man’s life before he caught fire underneath the burning car.


The dashcam video shows officer Veenstra racing to the scene before exiting his vehicle and running over to the car, which is positioned on its side with smoke billowing from it.
He approaches cautiously before informing the concerned citizens alongside him that they are going to need to lift the vehicle off the man’s arm.
The driver can be heard screaming: ‘Oh God, Oh God,’ from inside the vehicle.
The officer then asks the driver where his arm is trapped before counting down from three and pushing the roof of the car with two other men.
The vehicle moves a little but the man still remains trapped as visible flames start to erupt from the side of the destroyed car.
More determined than ever the police officer rallies his two helpers once more and the trio push the car back a little more as the fire gets stronger.

But still the man remains trapped as the situation becomes increasingly desperate.
The two women, who were previously standing nearby while watching, run away from the blazing car for fear it might explode.
A fourth man then runs into the frame and approaches the three men still pushing in vain to lift the car enough to allow the man to remove his arm.
His added bit of strength appears to give the group the extra bit of assistance they need to enable the man to escape the burning car.
The video concludes with the driver scrambling to his feet – looking slightly worse for wear – and getting away from the vehicle.


Only a minute after the man escaped the car had completely engulfed in flames, someone must have been watching out for him…

People are always bashing police, I for one am sick of it. Look at moments like this that occur far more often than an accidental death. This man, like most police officers, is a hero.



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