After Two Years Of Her Foster Parents Trying To Adopt Her, 6...

After Two Years Of Her Foster Parents Trying To Adopt Her, 6 year old Girl Gets Torn From Only Family She Knows: Because Of Her RACE

This story is truly heartbreaking. 6 year old Lexi was placed into foster care at the age of 2, both her parents giving up their parental rights.


Because Lexi is 1.5% Choctaw, her case has been handled by tribal agencies, who were in favor of her foster parents Rusty and Summer Paige…however when it came to them adopting her, they were hit with roadblock after roadblock. Then, a distant relative in Utah, who isn’t even BLOOD related to the child, came forth and wanted custody of now 6 year old Lexi.

The Paige’s offered extensive visitation and numerous other compromises, but these “family members” instead took it to the tribal council and back to court because they wanted full custody… the reason supposedly being that Lexi belonged in her Native American culture. Funny, since they don’t even practice it themselves!

This case is so sickening because it ultimately comes down to politics. Summer Paige is also part Native American and was more than willing to educate and encourage Lexi on her heritage. But instead, the courts decided that Lexi needed to be torn from the only family she has known, the only family she has bonded to and send to live in another state with complete strangers that never wanted her in the first place.

What makes it worse was that because of all the attention the case was receiving, the judge had ordered the Paige’s to NOT speak about the outcome to their children or Lexi. So none of these children had time to process the fact that their world and family was about to be torn apart.

If they wanted to make this as traumatizing as possible for everyone involved, the courts did a great job.

Despite community efforts, supports and protests to keep Lexi home with the Paige’s, Child Services came and took her this morning. The screams are heartbreaking. My prayers are with Lexi and her family tonight.

The Paige’s have said they are not going to stop fighting for their little girl. I pray they get their miracle and that she gets to come back to her true home. I don’t know how these supposed “blood relatives”, judges and child welfare workers can stand to look at themselves in the mirror.

The Choctaw council released a statement stating that they were committed to looking after the best interests of the child… What a load of bull. They make me sick!

Watch the heartbreaking video here:
Foster child removed from home – CNN Video


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