Police Officer Does THIS To Toddler Left Behind At Accident Scene… {VIDEO}

Police Officer Does THIS To Toddler Left Behind At Accident Scene… {VIDEO}

In the midst of tragedy it can be sometimes hard to find the good. One Los Angeles police officer knew that sometimes to find the good, we have to BE the good. This video of him comforting a toddler left behind after a crash has gone viral.


When LAPD Ofr. John Neal Cooke arrived on scene to the crash early Saturday morning, he thought it was just a typical hit-and-run: a vehicle had struck a fire hydrant that was spewing water.

“Witnesses tell us, ‘Hey, there was only one person involved and she went running down the street,’ ” he said.

But it turned out the crash was anything but typical when he said another officer checked the back seat and said, “you guys, there’s a baby in here.”

Police said the 2-year-old boy had been left by himself by his 27-year-old mother who crashed and then took off.

“He was crying and reaching for me so I mean it’s kind of just human nature,” he said.

In the clip, Cooke is seen patting the little boy on the back and giving him his bottle, something he says he’s used to in a big family.

A seven-year veteran of the LAPD, Cooke says he’s never seen such a careless act.

“It was pretty shocking to think, not only did she leave him at all, but the fact she left him in such a dangerous situation,” he said.

Police said the woman, who they suspect was intoxicated, was found and arrested.

The child was taken to a hospital and then placed in the custody of the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services.

Records show the woman has bailed out of jail but she is expected to face child endangerment charges, authorities said.

We hear so many negative stories of police officers blamed and pictured as heartless, power-tripping monsters, that it’s time we make these kinds of stories go viral. Despite a lost minority, police officers are truly the heroes of our streets.

This officer plans on keeping tabs on this little guy too. Sounds like this little guy got himself a guardian angel too!


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