Newlywed Bride Tragically Killed on Wedding Day

Newlywed Bride Tragically Killed on Wedding Day

What a tragic story! What should of been the best day of Jana Miles‘ life instead, brought heartache and tragedy. So sad.


The 40-year-old woman from Whittington, Illinois had just married William Burnett earlier that day. The two were on the way to the reception on Burnett’s motorcycle when they struck a deer that had run onto the roadway, according to KFVS.

The husband suffered minor injuries, but Miles was thrown off the bike during the collision, critically injuring the woman. She was transported to Franklin County hospital where she was later pronounced dead.

According to her new son-in-law, Miles was always ray of light.

“You could be having the ultimate worst day ever and she would turn it around … She could turn it around and make you laugh or smile.”

Smilie told KFVS that although the bride took her job as a dispatcher for the Franklin County Sheriff’s Department seriously, she always made time to bring smiles to others.

“She’s looked over the entire sheriff’s department,” he said. “That combined with the laughing and giggling over time,” he said.

It only took two months for her and William to know they were meant to be together. Friends and family say they shared an incredible bond. “She was stuck to him like glue.”

While we may never understand why such a love story had to end in tragedy, it’s beautiful that she got to at least experience incredible joy in her last days. Our thoughts and prayers are with them all.


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