MORBID! Why do people do this?!

MORBID! Why do people do this?!


This is absolutely grotesque. Who thinks of freezing baby tigers and selling them? All because they wanted to make some glue! He planned to sell them for a mere 500 dollars. Some believe the glue contained healing properties…what quacks!


He claimed he purchased the cubs from a market at the border of Vietnam and Laos for VND2 million (£60), reports the Daily Express.
The trafficker planned to sell them for VND8 million (£250) after looking for a buyer on Facebook.
He is accused of being a member of a wildlife trafficking ring and has been taken into custody for questioning.

Gangs in the southeast Asian country have been seen blatantly advertising tiger parts and clubs on social networks as part of the illegal trade.
Tragically, it is believed there could be as few as 30 wild tigers in Vietnam and Laos.
Dr Pieter Kat, a scientist at LionAid, told the Express: ‘There is no doubt that Vietnam’s wild tiger populations have declined to perhaps a handful now surviving.

Tigers are so cute! From a distance anyway, this is so sad. I don’t understand why they wouldn’t let them grow a little before freezing them. Maybe they were frozen alive and they didn’t want them to escape the freezer? Either way, this is cruel! China and Vietnam have been breeding tigers in captivity for years because of unfounded “healing” properties these animals MIGHT contain.


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