McFighting! Two McDonald’s Employees Get Into A Brawl Over THIS!

McFighting! Two McDonald’s Employees Get Into A Brawl Over THIS!

If there was one place where I’d expect a work environment to be significantly less than professional, it would be a McDonald’s. Even though we’d expect something like this to happen, it’s still surprising and hilarious at the same time!


It started with apple pies and ended with fisticuffs.
A fight broke out between two female employees at a McDonald’s in South Carolina at about 10pm on Wednesday night, reportedly after a row over making pies.
The fight ensued after one of the women, 30, asked her 25-year-old female colleague to start frying a new batch of pies, Chester County investigators said.
In dramatic footage captured by a customer, the women can be seen wrestling behind the counter as other employees try to pull them apart.


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‘I’m thinking, “oh man something’s about to really happen right now”,’ the customer, Noah Smith, told 13 News Now.
‘She runs back over there and does this like flying punch and hits the lady. And that’s when it all went down.’
The two women began arguing when one woman told the other to leave the store and that she would cover the rest of her shift, 13 News Now reported.
But the younger woman – who was becoming increasingly angry – refused her colleague’s offer to leave.
Investigators added that the younger woman’s brother – who works at the store – also told her to leave, but she again refused.
The younger woman then apparently hit the staffer that asked her to make the apple pies. It’s unclear whether any charges will be filed but one was seriously injured, police said.
Officials with McDonald’s corporate released a statement about the fight and video on Thursday.



‘We take the care and safety of our employees very seriously and have zero tolerance for violence. At this time, we are cooperating fully with the police during their investigation into this matter,’ said Chris Sparks, McDonald’s director of operations.
The video, which Smith uploaded to his Facebook page, has over 90,000 views in less than 24 hours.

This is so funny!


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