Man Washes His Hands in Nightclub Bathroom, Looks in the Mirror and...

Man Washes His Hands in Nightclub Bathroom, Looks in the Mirror and is SHOCKED by THIS

It was a regular night out at an Los Angeles nightclub, filled with alcohol and fun. Taking off to the bathroom, drink in hand, these guys do their thing, but when they get to the sink to wash their hands they get the surprise of their lives.


Kris Caudilla was convicted on drunk driving and vehicular manslaughter when he killed a deputy after a night out at the club. He is being held at RMC Correctional Facility in Lake Butler, Florida.

Mothers Against Drunk Driving founder Candy Lightner created a new campaign called “Reflections from Inside.” and Kris is a part of this new effort to keep drunk drivers off the road.

Streaming from his cell, when the guys think they are done washing their hands, Kris shows up on their mirror with a very powerful message filled with pain and regret.

“We hope this message hits home in a relevant way and gives people the courage to intervene when they know someone is about to drive drunk,” said We Save Lives founder Candace Lightner.

“We often hear from the victims of impaired driving but to our knowledge this is the first time a convicted felon who is now in prison has come forward to do a PSA about the tragic consequences of drinking and driving. We believe Kris’s message will save lives.”

This message is incredibly powerful! Definitely worth the share to save lives!


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