Little Girl Tries To Be Sneaky In The Most ADORABLE Way

Little Girl Tries To Be Sneaky In The Most ADORABLE Way

Little kids always say and do the most hilarious things. Their innocent sense of humor is just SO CUTE. This little girl wrote a note to her mom pretending to be her dad so that she could figure out what presents she would be receiving for her birthday. She is so clever!


Just when you thought you’d seen every trick in the book, think again.
Lily, a cunning little girl and future master of disguise, has written a letter to her mother, in an attempt to deceive her and find out what presents she should expect for her birthday.
The youngster used a gorgeous handwritten note – complete with scribbled-out spelling mistakes – to try and pull the wool over her mum’s eyes, posing as her father who had ‘forgotten’ what presents they had bought their daughter.


‘Dear Wife,’ Lily’s letter begins.
‘What did you get Lily for a surprise again. I forgot.’
‘Please reply here…’
Making sure there was enough space for her mother to list the gifts, a hopeful Lily provided three hand drawn lines in the middle of the note.

Finally, with one last sincere effort to convince her mother that the note was written by her father, the youngster signs off with ‘Love: Don’.
The note became a sensation after it was posted online by 2Day FM’s Rove and Sam this week.
Unfortunately for young Lily her handwriting and a number of crossed-out spelling mistakes may have led to her downfall, however many commented that the idea of a father forgetting what presents had been bought was well and truly possible.
Regardless, her efforts definitely brought a smile to the face of not just her parents, but everyone who has read it.

Earlier this year a child attempted to forge a note on behalf of her teacher to convince her parents that she had another week off school, with her efforts going viral.
A social media user shared the handy work of her cheeky little girl Cara, who handed her parents a letter ‘from the school’ that she ‘found in the letterbox’.
‘The school compnay is taking a brake so the kids will get one more week of school off and we will need your child to sign their name here [sic],’ the note read.
Despite being cleverly written in two different colours – black for the information and blue for her signature – and completed with a pink princess stamp, Cara’s efforts weren’t enough to fool her cluey parents.




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