Diners are OUTRAGED when they discover a waiter’s VERY rude nickname for...

Diners are OUTRAGED when they discover a waiter’s VERY rude nickname for them printed on the receipt!

Well, this certainly killed their romantic dinner. This couple was shocked to find the waiter had called her a rude name on the receipt. What can you even do in this situation? We have all had bad service before and it usually gets overlooked.


Victoria Whittle, from Manchester, was eating out with partner Mike Shawcross at The Silverton Hotel in Shrewsbury, Shropshire, when she got the nasty surprise.
But Victoria was appalled to find under the guest name on the receipt, which she posted on Twitter, the waiter had called her and her partner ‘Shaw****rs.’

Victoria posted a picture of the receipt on Twitter with the caption: ‘That awkward moment when the host forgets that what they called your table is printed on the bill. #W****s.’
The couple had a two-course slap-up meal at the venue and ordered duck breast and rib-eye steak.
However, the couple’s evening was then ruined when they noticed the rude nickname after settling the bill.

Victoria also posted the receipt on Facebook and claimed the hotel had argued it was a ‘spelling mistake.’
She posted: ‘Yes, I misspell Shawcross like this all the time.’
In the comments on Facebook, Paul Rutter jokingly wrote: ‘Well, you will mix wild mushrooms with Peroni.’



The hotel later went on to apologise for the mistake on Facebook.

The owner Donna wrote: ‘While it was a genuine mistake on our behalf which was brought to our attention, we did organise a complimentary cocktail for Victoria and offer them a complimentary meal for two.

‘At no stage did we say it was a spelling mistake which has been stated by Victoria and the press.

‘The name was entered onto the system was how it was displayed on the table plan as I read it. We apologised at the time and again in our reply to her posting.

‘We’re confident that customers that know us would recognise that it was a genuine mistake and one that David and I would have never done intentionally.’

The post, which the owner wrote on Facebook today, has been liked nearly 50 times on the hotel’s page.

MailOnline have contacted The Silverton Hotel for comment.

Servers beware, customers usually get their revenge. My husband once blew his nose in a napkin and folded it just the right way for the waitress to pick up a tissue full of snot! Just saying…be careful about being rude to people!


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