Cupcake Thief Takes Off On High Speed Chase- You Won’t Believe Who...

Cupcake Thief Takes Off On High Speed Chase- You Won’t Believe Who The Suspect Is!

Busted! There is never a more intense stand-off than when someone gets busted for a crime. In this case of Grand Theft Cupcake, the suspect buckles under intense interrogation from her father.


But then… a high speed chase ensues!

In this funny video, a cutie pie from Kansas City knows she’s been busted when questioned about “several cupcake thefts in the kitchen. Never mind the fact that her dad didn’t say he actually saw her take the cupcakes. She knows he’s on to her, so she not only admits she’s the cupcake thief, she actually confesses to eating not one, but four cupcakes!

Her dad can’t let her think she’s off the hook, so he hilariously announces that she’s going to jail for the cupcake theft.

The little girl ordered her dad to go to jail and then made a run for the nearest exit! A high-speed chase soon followed with the suspect in hot pursuit as dad called for back up to catch the cheeky little lawbreaker.

What happens next is too funny – we’re so glad he was able to capture it on video!

It’s not clear if he was actually able to apprehend the suspect. But from the looks of it, they made some hilarious lifetime memories in the process!


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