Craigslist user posts angry rant after someone does this UNSPEAKABLE act….OMG!

Craigslist user posts angry rant after someone does this UNSPEAKABLE act….OMG!

This fancy pants Tesla owner was beyond fuming when a hooligan hurled something on his car, and it wasn’t a snowball! Okay, so I would be pretty mad at first, but all things considered it is kind of funny!

He was walking back to his shiny Tesla Model X, an electric-powered ‘sports utility vehicle’ which cost from around $80,000 when the incident happened.



‘…I will plan on ruling you out with DNA for I have kept a sample of the s**t for I can see someone trying to pull another fast one on me,’ he added.

‘And trust me, that is not going to happen. Taking dumps on a person’s car is something children do, not adults. And although from time to time, I could see why someone deserves it, this was absolutely uncalled for.’

Michael is offering ‘significant compensation’ to anyone who helps conclude his case although he has yet to publish a reward figure.

His final paragraph of anger begins: ‘Lastly, a message to the person who did this: I will find you. Do you understand me? I have already had my lawyer draft up subpoena to acquire footage from nearby security cameras amongst other things.

‘Personally, I think you need medical attention to do what you have done.’

The area of Chicago, captured in this Googe Earth image, where the incident with the Tesla car happened
In the post he said: ‘I was on a date with a girl, who was very conservative. It was our third date and when we walked out, sure enough we saw that someone had taken a very large s**t on my windshield…leading me to believe that perhaps someone had s**t in a container at home and then threw it on my car later.’

Michael said his date was ‘really traumatized’ and claimed police officers ‘absolutely refused’ to help him.

The 36-year-old added: ‘I had to use a redeye magazine and a bottle of water to clean it off and that sucked.’

Michael has now started his own investigation and is looking for ‘solid intelligence’ into the incident.

He has even kept a sample of the excrement as he fears his car may be targeted again.

While this is beyond disgusting, it sounds like this guy needs a wee bit of humor about the situation…

lets show him this video!

I do have sympathy for him though, this is one awesome car!


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