Bridesmaid Dives Into Lake During Photo Shoot, You Won’t Believe Why!

Bridesmaid Dives Into Lake During Photo Shoot, You Won’t Believe Why!

Wow! Well here is something you don’t hear about every day! A maid-of-honor dove into a lake in her bridesmaid dress to save a gosling from a swan that was trying to drown it.


Photographer Rosie Hardy was shooting formal portraits of Hannah West and Mark Jefferies after their wedding at Dumbleton Hall on May 7. The wedding party was posing in front of an idyllic lake when Hardy noticed something horrific happening in the water.

“Since I was facing the lake, I managed to see the whole thing go down,” Hardy told The Huffington Post. “At first there was horrendous squawking from the parent geese, followed by lots of splashing.”

Then she noticed that a black swan had snatched a baby gosling from its parents. The swan had its beak around the gosling’s neck and was trying to down it.

“There was no way I was going to be able to keep taking the photos and pretend it wasn’t happening!” she said.

“I had shouted ‘Can someone do something!?’ I assumed maybe one of the guests would get a stick and scare it before it was too late. But by the time I had looked around to see if anyone was close enough to help, Faye was pretty much already in the lake,” Hardy said.

Faye frightened off the swan, took the gosling into her hands and returned it to its mother goose.


Noble, yes. But I am not so sure you would catch me jumping into a lake! Would you have done it?


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