Brave Daughters Let Their Mothers Do Their Makeup

Brave Daughters Let Their Mothers Do Their Makeup


I have a certain routine when it comes to applying my makeup that I rarely ever stray from. My everyday makeup is the exact same as my night-out makeup with maybe a different lip shade. I’ve perfected every aspect of my routine so well that I could do it in my sleep (on some early mornings this is a good talent to have). My routine is so consistent that even thinking about changing it the slightest bit throws me off.

When it comes to my mom’s makeup, I could never imagine myself wearing it the way she does. We’ve grown up in two totally different generations and she just “doesn’t get it”. Thinking about letting her attempt to do my makeup makes my stomach turn. Will it be too much? Will it be not enough? Does she know how to blend? Does she know what products go where? The questions are endless.

I’m just not as brave as these five daughters who allowed their moms to do their makeup for them. Maybe I’d consider it if I had nothing at all to do that day…just maybe. Watch what happens when you let your mom be in control of the brushes!

I must say, the results are pretty surprising. Are you as convinced as I am to let your mom give it a go?


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