You Will Never Guess What These Bikers Were Caught Doing Outside Children’s...

You Will Never Guess What These Bikers Were Caught Doing Outside Children’s Windows!

When you think bikers, most the time words like big, scary and mean come along with it. But one group is proving that you can’t always judge a book by its cover. Bikers Against Child Abuse International (BACA) has one purpose: to protect abused children.


These guys are on a mission, empowering children and providing them a safe place in a world that has betrayed them.

Badd Bob, Blade, Hammer and Doc P join “Emotional Mojo” to talk about their organization and what they do to protect children who have been abused.

The guys explain the fitting connection between motorcycles, bikers and children, and how it makes for an incredible bonding experience.

BACA members will pick a BACA child up from the bus, camp out in front of his or her home until the child feels safe, and even attend courtroom abuse cases with the child victims to help them feel more comfortable.

Perhaps the sweetest and most unexpected moment comes when Doc P demonstrates the importance of the stuffed teddy bears they give to each new BACA member.

“If they become a BACA child, part of the ceremony is that we all — all these bikers standing around — take this bear and give it a hug in order to tell the child that we’re filling it with courage and love…And that if it ever gets empty or they ever need us back again, we’ll come back and fill it up again.”

I actually know a couple of them personally from the local chapter here in my hometown. The hearts these guys have are absolutely incredible. They are truly the unsung heroes of our culture!


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