Two Police Officers Just Minding Their Business Eating Lunch, Then Random Teen...

Two Police Officers Just Minding Their Business Eating Lunch, Then Random Teen Does THIS

Wow! Offficer Rance Quinn and his partner were eating lunch at a local Chili’s when a teen girl walked by his table and slipped him something. When he saw what it was, he was so shocked he didn’t know what to do!

Considering all the horrible things Police officers have had to deal with, he assumed the worst. That’s when he saw it.

In the midst of a culture and community that has been increasing in racial tension and anti-police sentiments, she had only five words to say to him and his partner.

“Thanks for keeping us safe.”

Officer Quinn was so touched by it he had to post it on Facebook:


He asked people to share the note in the hopes that the teen girl would see it and know “just how appreciated and POWERFUL her actions were.”

But the story continues. The officers good day didn’t end there! In fact, another woman stopped by their table with her son and gave them a gift card as a thank-you for keeping them safe. Afterwards, the waitress came back and said someone else had paid for their meal.

Quinn hasn’t found the girl who wrote the note yet, but he certainly hopes to spread the message to her somehow – “The message you gave to us that day was powerful. Don’t ever change who you are. Keep that with you through the rest of your life.”

My prayer is that these officers also keep this with them the rest of their lives and know that the ignorant actions of some out there do NOT speak for the rest of us. You guys deserve respect for all you put your lives on the line for. It’s refreshing to hear that there are people that still recognize that!


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