21 Year Old Marine Drives 2,000 Miles and Rescues Her Brothers After...

21 Year Old Marine Drives 2,000 Miles and Rescues Her Brothers After 6 YEARS!

This story is absolutely amazing! I am warning you, you may want to have some tissue handy! This Marine and her brothers are going to melt your heart!


Melissa is a 21-year-old Marine who endured a very difficult childhood, and she was desperate to get custody of her little brothers so that they didn’t have to be exposed to the same kind of abuse. However, the only way she stood a chance at adopting them was to drive more than 2,000 miles across the country to Alabama and plead to the court.

And even at that, the odds were stacked against her.

Because of her young age and lack of financial stability, Melissa was worried that the judge may turn down her plea on the spot. She could hardly pay for the trip to get there, so how could they entrust her with 2 children?

You Tubers “Prank it Forward” heard about Melissa and her mission and decided to step in and help her. They helped her with that month’s rent, gas and food to make it to the hearing.

With her fierce determination trumping her fears, the brave 21-year-old made the 2,000-mile road trip without looking back.

After waiting 6 long years, Melissa received miraculous news from the judge, and she was reunited with her little bros for the first time!! The looks on their faces is almost TOO much to bear!! But that’s not the end of the surprises in store for this brother-sister trio.


Just take a look at what “Prank It Forward” did next!! It’s one happy ending guaranteed to have you celebrating with them!


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