Experts Reveal Sleeping Naked Is Actually GOOD For You!!

Experts Reveal Sleeping Naked Is Actually GOOD For You!!

So it turns out that sleeping naked actually has some serious benefits! Who knew?


Whether you are a pro at struttin’ your stuff or shy about your skivvies, you may be surprised about what you are about to read!

According to the experts, though I am not quite sure who they are, sleeping naked actually has some great benefits!

Here are The Top 5:

1. You will rest easy.

Did you know that your body temperature has to drop half a degree in order for you to fall into a sound sleep?

It’s much harder for your body to accomplish that if you’re wearing a flannel nightie.

2. It’s good for your “downstairs”.

You may have heard this one from your mother at some point, but it’s no old wives tale.
Leaving underwear or other tight material over your private parts at night can provide a breeding ground for bacteria and could even give you a yeast infection.

Take the nighttime as an opportunity for a little freedom down there, and let things air out.

3. Your partner will like it.

Let’s face it, this one is pretty self-explanatory!

4. You will rise and shine faster!

Supposedly, no PJ’s makes it easier to get cracking on your morning routine, since you don’t have the extra mental barrier of disrobing.

5. You will drop a dress size.

Anything that results in weight loss has got to be worth it, right?

The idea that you can sleep some of the weight away sounds way too good to be true, but stripping down at night can make it a reality.

You burn fewer calories in your sleep, but sleeping in a cool environment is more restful and gives your metabolism a kick to amp up weight loss during the night and day!

So, injuring minds want to know… Are you convinced??


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