Increasing Number of Women Giving Up Wearing Panties Because Of THESE Health...

Increasing Number of Women Giving Up Wearing Panties Because Of THESE Health Risks!

You may be shocked to discover that more and more women are getting rid of their panties. If you pay attention at all, you’ll notice the designs seems to get smaller and smaller. Granny panties are now a thing of the past but soon panties may be extinct altogether!


A new study shows a growing number of women are giving up underwear for “health reasons”, mostly vaginal infections.

According to the Daily Mail, some women interviewed by the publication say they feel more “sexy” going about their day without underwear and that it’s not all about their personal health reasons, which can sometimes cause some serious complications, especially with infections to stomach aches and even prolapses caused by synthetic materials, modern fyes and industrial-strength control fabrics.

One woman told the site, “When I fell pregnant for the first time, I found thongs really uncomfortable. The bigger I got, the more painful it became. I got to a point where I decided I’d be better off not wearing underwear at all. It was so liberating discovering that I didn’t actually need to wear knickers, and realizing that nobody else would know.”

Yet, it looks like not everyone is a big fan of going underwear-less. Some critics have said, “I would not want to sit on a seat after one of these underwearless women. If they are wearing just one layer of a thinner material….think of all their bacteria you would sitting in. Urrgh!” along with, “I have never worn underwear… And I am in my 50’s. They are unhygienic, uncomfortable, ruin the line of clothes and totally unnecessary. This is not news. It’s common sense.”

So ladies, DO TELL! Is this a trend you are going to try?


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