Their Toddler Dies of Meningitis and Now These Parents Are Facing PRISON...

Their Toddler Dies of Meningitis and Now These Parents Are Facing PRISON For Trying To Help Him

I can’t help but be angry when reading this story, but my heart breaks for this couple. The lost their son when they could’ve gotten him help. But is it child abuse? Should they go to prison?


David Stephan, 32, and Collet Stephan, 35, were charged after their 19-month-old son Ezekiel died of bacterial meningitis in March 2012. Instead of rushing him to the ER, they treated their son with hot peppers, garlic, onions and horseradish plus other “natural home remedies.”

The parents were being encouraged to seek medical help but apparently ignored it. A friend of the Stephans, who is a registered nurse, testified she told the mother that he might have viral meningitis and advised the couple to take him to a doctor.

According to reports, on the evening of March 13, 2012, young Ezekiel suddenly stopped breathing. Even though the little boy was sick for more than two weeks, Ezekiel’s parents did not take him to a doctor. He was finally rushed to a hospital and eventually ended up in Calgary where doctors detected very little brain activity. Ezekiel died a couple of days later.

Ezekiel’s father admits that he’s not an expert when it comes to naturopathic remedies. “Do we have a formal education? No. Are we educated in it? Absolutely,” he said. “Has it worked for us in every single scenario in the past before this? Yes.”

During his sickness, Ezekiel’s mother Colett took it upon herself to research her son’s symptoms online. When she concluded that her in fact did have meningitis, instead of going to the doctor, the couple turned to natural remedies instead.

In this video they say if they knew then what they know now that would do things differently. Hindsight is always 20/20, but is their remorse and regret enough to keep them out of prison? Should they go to prison for not knowing any better?

They also created a page to raise funds for their legal fees. That’s what really makes me think they have got to be extremely naive, who does that?

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