Mom Finds Baby In a Box and Saves Her Life By Doing...

Mom Finds Baby In a Box and Saves Her Life By Doing THIS!

This is incredible! You never know what you would do until you are faced with one of these situations. For one woman, saving this little baby wasn’t a question.


One morning, Wei stepped outside of her office. She saw a large plastic storage bin. Wei believed it was just some trash left outside, that was until she heard a sound coming from it. There was a newborn baby girl left inside. She was bundled in blankets with half a bag of milk powder. Whoever left her behind had taken the time to make her as comfortable as possible.

According to People’s Daily China: “Passersby soon gathered around the baby girl. Some tried to shield her from the sun, while others went to fetch water for her, according to one witness who works near the spot where the baby was found. The baby kept crying, which most people guessed was because she was hungry.”

That’s when a young mother stepped up from the crowd. What she did left everyone in awe…


She took the baby into her arms, lifted her blouse, and began to breastfeed the hungry child. The baby instantly stopped crying after being nourished from the impromptu wet nurse. The woman held her until child welfare services arrived to safely retrieve the baby.

This beautiful woman probably helped save that poor baby’s life! There is just something incredible about a mother’s instinct. Unfortunately the woman who gave birth to this baby was missing that essential piece of humanity. I am glad this little one was found and is safe!


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