DIY: Best Homemade Sunburn Remedy!

DIY: Best Homemade Sunburn Remedy!

Summer is just around the corner and depending what part of the country you are in, the sun may already be coming out in full effect! While most of us are looking forward to the sunshine, it’s important to remember that the sun is not always our friend.


Especially in these early days, when the weather may not FEEL hot, but the sun is shining bright. Most people get their first dreaded sunburn about this time of year.

Rachel from Healthy Treasures has generously shared her 24-hour sunburn relief remedy. It’s almost miraculous in how amazing it works. And it’s all natural!

Rachel provides four recipes, each of them is effective and only requires the two most important ingredients: lavender oil and peppermint oil. Mix 20 drops of each oil together and add about two ounces of water. Carefully dab onto the sunburned area and just wait. You can combine these two ingredients with aloe vera to create a gel, or your favorite body lotion to create a healing moisturizer.

So how does it work? The peppermint is very cooling, both ingredients are anti-inflammatory, analgesic, and soothing.

Check out the before and after photos! It’s amazing!



So what are some of your “summer remedy” secrets?


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