Wow!! Couple Waits For Wedding Day to Share FIRST KISS!

Wow!! Couple Waits For Wedding Day to Share FIRST KISS!

Wow! That’s so beautiful! While some people choose to wait to have sex until marriage, this couple took it one step further. They chose to save their first kiss too! I can only imagine how they felt when the day finally came!


After five years of dating, Maggie and Drew were ready to tie the knot and finally seal the deal with a kiss! Maggie prayed for a man as understanding, loving and sweet as Drew. She knew he was the answer to her prayers almost as soon as she met him. So Maggie followed His word during their relationship and saved every bit of physical love until they were married.

Not many people nowadays would commit to this type of “old-fashioned” dating, but Drew and Maggie believe it made them stronger. Without all of the pressure to express their relationship in a physical way, the fun-loving couple got to know each other on a deeper basis.

I couldn’t agree with them more… I can imagine that after a courtship like that it truly was like marrying your best friend! Their smile are so beautiful! Wishing them nothing but the very best!!



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