These Strays Saved 50 Soldiers From a Suicide Bomber; Then THIS Happens!

These Strays Saved 50 Soldiers From a Suicide Bomber; Then THIS Happens!

This is such a beautiful story! I think God sometimes uses dogs as guardian angels. While Georgia National Guardsman Chris Duke was serving in Afghanistan, he formed a friendship with some local stray dogs: Sasha, Target and Rufus. It may sound strange but that’s quite common for our boys.

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He explains, “A lot of us used the three of them as an escape when you’re homesick,” but what the dogs did was so much more..

One February evening the dogs were keeping the soldiers and Duke company in their barracks, when a stranger attempted to get in. The three dogs immediately began barking and biting the intruder while alerting the soldiers.

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The stray dogs prevented the attacker from entering the barracks and he blew himself up before reaching to kill 50 soldiers inside.

During the attack, Sasha was hurt badly and had to be put down, “I firmly believe I wouldn’t be here today if it weren’t for him,” Duke said. Rufus and Target were both nursed back to health, but Duke returned back to the US and the dogs had to stay behind.

Once home, Duke wrote a letter to a veterans assistance group called ‘Hope for the Warriors,’ asking for help with bringing the dogs to him. Other organizations heard about his story, too. Then a Facebook page went up and it raised $21,000 in less than 3 months!

The money raised was enough for the dogs to leave Afghanistan. Rufus and Target now have arrived in the US in Atlanta, and reunited for the first time with Duke and his wife.


Target will live in Arizona with another soldier, while Rufus will stay with the Dukes. “To think that I’m going to have him for the rest of my life. . . it’s exciting,” he said.

After an experience like that, how could he leave them behind? Looks like they both saved each other. Dogs are not only man’s best friend, no, these pups showed their are also heroes! That’s so awesome!


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