What These Foster Parents Did To Make Her Cry Will Leave You...

What These Foster Parents Did To Make Her Cry Will Leave You DUMBFOUNDED!

Foster kids carry a very special place in my heart…which makes this story that much more sweeter! When Wendy and Lawrence brought Kayla home, they were as clueless as any new parents would be. But they were committed to making sure their foster daughter knew that she was family.

foster girl

Like most foster youth, Kayla wasn’t an easy kid. She was full of anger and it often manifested when she would talk back to the teacher, even flinging desks across the room. But Wendy and Lawrence did something that a lot of foster parents WON’T DO: they refused to give up.

They embraced the difficulties, the uncertainties, and the unpredictability of having a foster child. And today, they have nine kids: four adopted, four fostered, and one pending adoption. “We struggle, but the struggle’s are worth it,” says Lawrence. Kayla breaks down into tears describing her adoption as the best thing that ever happened to her.

Not only did they love, nurture, and protect her, they also inspired her. After Kayla graduates high school, she plans on studying early childhood development.

It’s the most difficult to love that need it the most, and because this amazing couple was able to grasp that in their hearts, nine lives were forever changed. They received what most don’t: compassion, love, and hope. May God continue to bless them RICHLY for being a reflection of His heart to the lost innocent of this world!



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