Kitchen Hack: Removing Stubborn Grease From Your Cabinets DIY {VIDEO}

Kitchen Hack: Removing Stubborn Grease From Your Cabinets DIY {VIDEO}

Man, I wish my mom had known about this when I was a kid. I can’t even begin to describe the dread I felt when mom announced this weekend project! Cleaning the kitchen cabinets became the bane of my existence from an early age.


It is crazy just how nasty these things get! This woman just became my hero.

Grease and grime builds up over time without you even realizing it. If you take a moment to think how much cooking, steaming, boiling, and grilling food fills the atmosphere of the kitchen multiple times throughout each day of the week, it’s no wonder. But when all of that time is spent making meals, there isn’t a lot of time or energy left to clean not only the dishes, but the cabinets also.

Using simple logic (why didn’t I think of that?!) Teresa Ward, former VP of Residential Cleaning Services has uncovered kitchen grease’s enemy. She explains, “Oil and water don’t mix, but oil and oil do.” Therefore, if using just a simple wet rag, there’s no telling how much time it will take to scrub away that messy grease. She suggests using either mineral oil or vegetable oil on a cloth, and taking that to any of the greasy surfaces.

Since the oil and the oil goes together, the grease found on the cabinets will cling to the newly poured oil on the cloth to reveal a completely clean kitchen!

Now it’s time to pass on the tradition and put my kids to work this weekend!

Let us know your tips and tricks!


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