Check Out These Hidden Nasty Spots That Even The CLEANEST of Clean-Freaks...

Check Out These Hidden Nasty Spots That Even The CLEANEST of Clean-Freaks is Known To Miss!

This is proof that even the cleanest of homes has some secret hiding places! Heather Hopkins and Candace Goren are two self-confessed neat freaks. And in once you take a peek in their homes you will definitely see that they aren’t lying. However not everything is as it appears on the surface.


Good Housekeeping cleaning experts Meaghan Murphy and Carolyn Forte are quick to find a few spots where nasty stuff can hide away. Even the most diligent of house-cleaners can end up with this left behind.

But we’ve got these spring cleaning tips to help you give your home the best cleaning!

At Hopkins’ home, the experts pulled out the condensation pan of the fridge and it was filled with black guck. Murphy and Forte recommend cleaning it once a month.

Next stop was the washing machine, hidden around the washing machine was a ton of mold. The last thing anyone wants is mold, which can cause a slew of health issues.

When they visited Goren’s home, she too was plagued with an icky washing machine. In the gasket, they discovered a ton of grime and lost socks that were there for who knows how long! The experts recommending leaving the lid of the machine open after a wash. This gives it a chance to dry out and prevents mold and bacteria from growing.

Check out the video for more hidden places and tips!


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