{Video} These Men Get Their Butts, Backs and Testicles Waxed For The...

{Video} These Men Get Their Butts, Backs and Testicles Waxed For The First Time…HILARIOUS!!!

They say beauty is pain, and yet some men really don’t get it. Guys have always had it easy…I mean think about it, even when it comes to sex, it’s a lot easier and quicker for them! We get the periods…we get the childbirth.


In terms of beauty, it’s okay for them to be hairy. But we are expected to be silky smooth at all times… Where is the equality man???

Sometimes they just don’t appreciate all we have to do to make sure we are the sultry goddesses they see and drool over!

These guys decided to take the leap and venture into “No Man’s Land” and get beautified by waxing their butts, backs and testicles…it is HILARIOUS!


They didn’t take it well:

“My butt just made a new friend.”

“I feel like I’m about to give birth.”

“I feel a lot light-headed.”

“Am I bleeding?”

The unamused aesthetician held them down and completed the mission, but it’s safe to say these lads probably won’t be back.

I bet they’ve got a whole new appreciation for the ladies now!!!



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