Victoria’s Secret Employees Spill The Beans on Victoria’s True Secrets!

Victoria’s Secret Employees Spill The Beans on Victoria’s True Secrets!

I gotta admit I am a total Victoria’s Secret addict. Sure you can buy bras and panties from anywhere, and loungewear at half the price, but it’s just not the same man!


Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes though? I know I have! Hearing some of these secrets has given me a whole different appreciation for the girls at my favorite store!

Read on as these employees reveal what really happens in stores!

1. Customers Have Tried To Return Some Pretty Gross Things.
When customers return items in less than pristine condition, the employees log it as a damaged good and throw it away. Customers have tried to return some pretty gross things, including items with spray tan residue, deodorant stains and bodily fluids.

2. Victoria’s Secret Is A Little OCD When It Come To…
Victoria’s Secret is a little OCD when it comes to organization. At the beginning and end of the day all of the bras must be in the right sized bin with like colors. Each drawer needs to have the same type and color bra in the front.

3. People Have Definitely Tried To Have Sex In…
People have definitely tried to have sex in the dressing rooms. The employees are strictly told to keep an eye out for men trying to join their significant other in the dressing room. If they catch anyone, they are instructed to knock and threaten to call security if they do not come out.

4. A Previous Victoria’s Secret Employee Said…
A previous Victoria’s Secret employee said that she was trained to always sell a bra, even if the store didn’t carry the customer’s correct size.

5. Overnight Floor Set
Occasionally employees have to work an overnight floor set, which means staying late into the night to prepare and arrange items for the store opening in the morning.

6. People Destroy It
The employees hate the panty bar because it is always a mess. When they organize it, people destroy it a few minutes later. Sometimes it can take hours to organize.

7. But When Men Come Into The Store…
The employees are encouraged to show female customers deals since women are more value-oriented.But when men come into the store, the employees are told to show them the more expensive items since the guys usually feel uncomfortable and want to get out as fast as possible.

8. Employees Get A Free…
Employees get a free bra every time a new one is launched so they can try it out and recommend it to customers.

9. They Hate Having To Ask Customers If…
Employees have a quota of new Angel Cards they need to push each week, which is why you are always asked if you want to open one. They are even supposed to ask each customer three times. They hate doing it.

10. For The Employees’ Safety
The employees cannot physically detain anyone from stealing, even if they see a customer put something in their bag. They have to summon an in-store security officer or call the police. This is for the employees’ safety.

11. Employees Dread The…
Employees dread the Semi Annual Sale. There are so many people who throw the items everywhere and destroy the panty bar and bra drawers. An employee shared that they are usually cleaning and organizing until 1 or 2am during the Semi Annual Sale. Female employees are expected to have a full face of makeup and styled hair for every shift.

12. Employees Go Through A Three Hour…
Victoria’s Secret gets a bad rap for ill-fitting bras, but employees go through a three hour training on how to properly fit bras.

13. They Seriously Recommend…
They seriously recommend washing all undergarments before wearing them. Aside from people trying them on and returning worn items, the items sit in a dusty store room until they are shelved.

14. Hand Wash
The bras are good quality and should last a while if you take care of them right. The tags instruct customers to hand wash, not machine wash, the bras. Lay it flat on a towel to dry.

Returning underwear with visible boldly fluids?! What is wrong with people? And yes, PLEASE wash your chonies before you wear them! Those shouldn’t be a shock… however now my heart definitely goes out to them for that semi-annual sale… But that’s when you will definitely catch me there!


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