Three Guys Experience What It’s Like to Have A Period… HILARIOUS!

Three Guys Experience What It’s Like to Have A Period… HILARIOUS!

This thing is the funniest thingI have seen all day! It’s tough being a woman. Guys seem to get the easy stuff… we have the pain of childbirth and also the nuisance of that good ol’ menstrual cycle.


Guys just don’t get it. You can’t EXPLAIN what a period feels like, it’s one of those things that you just have to experience.

These three guys decided to step up to the plate in this experiment to see for themselves just what us women are complaining about.

They got a hilarious lesson!

Buzzfeed decided they wanted to see how men would react if they had to have a period. So they took three of their staffers and created this interesting experiment.

The men were rigged up with a contraption made of a douche and a car siphon pump filled with a mixture of beet juice and cornstarch.

The men then put the contraption down the back of their pants and had to spend the day ‘bleeding.’

At first, the men seemed excited to give this experiment a try. Halfway through the first day they decided to go for it for a full three days.

They’re heard in the video trying to figure out how to use the pads and happily sharing supplies with each other. Then… reality set in!

Edgar, one of the men in the experiment, quickly realized that leaking is a reality when you have your period after he bled through the entire back of his jeans.


Ha! It was a mess!

The guys admitted that in the beginning they thought they were doing something really great to support women, but as the day went on the reality of ‘bleeding all day’ began to sink in. It sucked!

One of the men admitted that ‘knowing that blood can start gushing out of me at variable rates at any moment is a terrifying thing.”

Yes, yes it is.

After having another accident on the same day, Edgar found himself surrounded by a group of co-workers who thought his situation was hilarious.

When Edgar reflected on what happened he realized there was a woman or young girl who had that sort of situation really happen to her, and it wasn’t right.

“A mob of people came and started laughing at me and I had to realize there was someone who had that real experience, it wasn’t an experiment.”

As the experiment goes on the men realize what a pain having your period can be. Zach comments that he ‘just had a big flow’ and wants to do nothing but sit at home on the couch and watch cartoons, while one of the other men can’t help but be annoyed at the constant trips to the bathroom he’s forced to take.

Now you are starting to get it, guys! All in all, these guys were great sports about the whole thing. This was awesome!

Check out the hilarious video here:


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