Girl Makes Wedding Dress in TWO DAYS, Wait Until You See How!

Girl Makes Wedding Dress in TWO DAYS, Wait Until You See How!

Ha! Whether or not you are a hopeless romantic or a cynical scrooge, this wedding dress is going to blow you away! You will never guess what it’s made of!


When 15-year-old Demi Barnes decided to construct a wedding dress for a school project, she wanted the dress to have meaning. The teenager from West Sussex, England, went viral after she posted photos of the dress on Facebook. The construction only took two days, but it’s what the dress is made of that is causing quite a stir. Demi made the dress out of 1,500 sheets of paper — divorce papers, to be exact.

“I wanted to create a wedding dress with meaning,” Demi told ABC. “For me, the dress represents that too many people rush into marriage and end up getting divorced. I love the irony of the idea. I constructed the bodice with wire and then folded the papers and stapled them on.”

Demi’s intention wasn’t to put down marriage, but rather to suggest that marriage is a serious thing, so two people should seriously be in love when they do it.

I couldn’t agree more! She’s a crafty kid! I can definitely appreciate the irony of the art! What do you think?


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